The Bulb Vase DIY

You’ll Need:

  • Bulb(s)
  • Matchbox / lighter
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Nylon thread
  • Gloves
  • Plastic mat / paper sheet

We used an old 2-pin bayonet bulb and some clear/transparent 1mm nylon thread.

How To:

2. Begin by removing the pins from each side of the bulb with the pliers. They are tightly embedded in there so gently wiggling the pins is a good way to loosen them out. Remember, this is glass so being gentle is key.

3. Once the metal pins are out, gently begin to hammer into the insulation material with the screwdriver. Make sure to place a mat under the bulb to catch the tiny fragments as they start to chip away. Wear gloves for your safety (I’m prone to recklessness so I didn’t but I won’t recommend it).

4. Eventually, only the contact (a little metal fragment) will remain. Pull this out using the pliers to reveal the glass tube/stem inside.

5. Then using the screwdriver and some delicate force, crack the glass tube into the bulb.

6. Empty the contents of the bulb onto the mat. You will notice a very sharp glass edge where the bulb meets the cap/base. With the screwdriver placed inside the bulb, make a circulation motion like stirring a teacup. This should help break off any large bits of jagged edge but it’s not a fine job. I don’t recommend sticking your finger into the bulb!

7. Cut a desired length of nylon cord and thread the cap pinholes from the outside in. Use a lit match on both ends of the nylon thread to cause them to melt.

8. With the pliers squeeze the melted nylon thread ends so that they can no longer slip out of the pinholes on either side. And voilà, you are done!

It’s time to pick some pretty little wild flowers for your home.



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