Making the Mandala Field

Why are vegetable patches always rectangular? It was time for a big circular garden, we thought. We are often asked if the design of the field has some special meaning or if it’s a symbol. The answer is more practical: we designed the garden in four quarters with integrated pathways in such a way that … Read more

A Year Gardening

When we set our bags down at our new “home” we found it came with a large, overrun garden. The need to connect with this land was almost instantaneous: there was no doubt that we suddenly wanted to care for the land and grow our own, organic food. Needless to say, we were totally inexperienced … Read more

Lesson 101 in Plant Propagation

We were fortunate to be introduced to Mitraniketan and its ethos of self-sufficiency. In addition to pottery and ceramics we are also interested in organic farming so when we discovered the KVK (farm science centre) we took the opportunity to visit the facility. One morning, Mr. Marimuthu the manager of KVK, took us on a … Read more