DIY Bulb Vases

The Bulb Vase DIY

You’ll Need: Bulb(s) Matchbox / lighter Screwdriver Pliers Nylon thread Gloves Plastic mat / paper sheet We used an old 2-pin bayonet bulb and some clear/transparent 1mm nylon thread. How To: 2. Begin by removing the pins from each side of the bulb with the pliers. They are tightly embedded in there so gently wiggling … Read more

Ware Cart

Ware Cart Restoration

In Soufflenheim we unexpectedly found ourselves some second hand ware carts. They clearly needed some maintenance and so began the grueling task. To return them to their former glory we sanded, power hosed, and applied a much-needed coat of rust proof paint. Finally we even coated the metal rods with heat-shrink tubing to provide a … Read more