The Pottery Team

Throwing at Mitraniketan’s Pottery Unit

We travel in pursuit of experiencing cultural influences and traditions on local pottery so that we can learn and develop through these impressions. Mitraniketan’s pottery unit is a traditional Indian pottery and one we were on the lookout to visit. The pottery produces terra-cotta wares for daily Indian life such as drinking water tanks, food … Read more

Discovering Burnished Pots in Dehra-Dun

We arrived in Dehra-Dun in time to celebrate Diwali (at home). We lit the house with the traditional earthen oil lamps and enjoyed their warm glow. Little did we know that our lazy peaceful days of drinking chai in the garden would not last. The demonetisation of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes was announced: … Read more

Photography - Baner Khad

Pottery at the Talking Clay Studio

So there we were, on a pottery course in the mountains with no personal conveyance and a fair few kilometers between our cottage and the closest town, Fatehpur. Our favourite activity instantly became the tranquil, scenic walk on a narrowly paved path from our rented cottage, through the village fields, past the village and then … Read more