Lamchung Tsepel

Ancient Pottery of Likir

We took a few (rainy) days to relax and acclimatise in Leh and soon heard of a locally famous pottery village named Likir. Undoubtedly as soon as the rains passed we packed our bags and hitched a ride to Likir. The old village lies nine km’s off the main highway and most transport drops you at … Read more

Studio AYRA

Studio AYRA

Sanjay Gupta and Ayushi Rastogi are a dynamic potter team who make pit fired burnished vessels and artwork. We met very early into our Indian journey but because our plans were already set for South India we left, but vowed to be back to work alongside them. Upon our return to Dehra-Dun we quickly rekindled … Read more

Vechaar Museum

A ‘Happy Potter’ in Ahmedabad

We connected with Neelma of Happy Potter after she invited us to visit her studio. Since we were taking a train from Bombay to Delhi, Ahmedabad fell conveniently on the way. We were looking forward to meeting a city studio potter after all our months spent at traditional potteries. The Happy Potter Studio is a sweet … Read more

Gateway of India

Bombay’s Sir JJ School of Art

We took an overnight train to Bombay (from Hyderabad) and arrived in the early morning hours. A cup of tea and a hot shower later we collapsed into bed for a late morning snooze. Bombay was primarily a personal detour but we decided to visit the Sir JJ School of Art while we were here. … Read more


A Little Taste of Tamil Nadu

From the lush green scenery of Kerala we rode into the drier but equally populated by coconut palms landscape of Tamil Nadu. We were traveling with Jayan, our pottery teacher from Terra Crafts. True to Indian style he had a whirlwind agenda of places to see from Chennai through to our final destination, Auroville. Auto … Read more

Flame Pottery

The Potteries of Auroville and Pondicherry

Red Clay Art Pottery, Pondicherry He trained and worked at Golden Bridge Pottery for numerous years before starting up a family run terracotta pottery. They make very pure terracotta for their earthenware range: the clay was a delight to touch and a relief to find in such purity.   Wind Glaze Pottery, Auroville Puneet Brar … Read more

Training at Terra Crafts

Terra Crafts is a small-scale terra-cotta production pottery based in Eroor, a suburb of Kochi in Ernakulam district. We were on a whimsical hunt for a famous Malayali potter named Jayan when we arrived at Terra Crafts. A short conversation later we had been accepted to spend one month learning at Terra Crafts. We knew … Read more