Fort Kochi and its Biennale

Most people we met in Kerala told us to visit Fort Kochi and the Biennale so when we finished at Mitraniketan it seemed only natural to head that way. Besides Anil, the potter, had also given us a greater purpose: the name of a famous potter we needed to find who lives in the Ernakulam district and who most likely could aid us in our desire to learn more pottery.

Arriving at Fort Kochi with an early morning ferry was rather magical. Fort Kochi itself is a quaint island with beautiful colonial architecture. Despite the heat, we walked around the island and found ourselves mesmerized by its enormous trees. The beach is a grotesque contradiction: at first glance it appears a refreshing sight: families and young couples sit engaged in conversation as others walk along the pathway in a happy clamor. We indulged in fresh coconuts and pineapples and mangos sprinkled with salt and chilli. However, across the horizon the shipping industry makes no qualms about its ugly nature as gigantic container ships sail past along the shore and a “No Swimming, Danger” signboard stands weathered by time.

PS: We managed to find the mystery potter in Eroor, a suburb of Ernakulam. We are going to be learning at Terra Crafts for one month…

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