Tea Plantation Locomotive

From Tangalle we took a bus to Ella. We could have continued from Tangalle straight on to Kandy where we’d heard of local pottery but we wanted to journey across Sri Lanka’s hill country on the quaint locomotive we’d heard so much about.

On the bus drive up to Ella we spotted a tree standing alone on a ridge and spoke of the possibility to hike it up.
But when we arrived in Ella the first thing we did was to book our first class observatory coach seats on the train. Then we walked the half an hour route up to Little Adam’s Peak.
We were more than surprised when we unknowingly walked up to Little Adam’s Peak and found waiting for us the very magical tree we had wished to visit earlier as we approached Ella. The universe gives us our hearts truest desires.

Ella is a small touristic mountain town and we were only in town for a night. The following morning we boarded the train from Ella to Hatton.
This was a slow train through tea plantations and pine forests, past eucalyptus trees and amazing ferns, all embedded in beautiful mountainscapes; a most idyllic and breathtaking train route.

Little Adam's Peak

Tea Plantation

Tea Plantation

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