Climbing Adam’s Peak

From Hatton we intended to take the government bus to Delhouse. While we waited for the bus a Tuk Tuk driver engaged us in a 30-minute dialogue that eventually ended with us succumbing to his wish of taking us there: but we made a good deal with the man. And as it turned out he was an incredibly honest and decent being.

Our room in Delhouse had a beautiful balcony over the Seetha Gangula river. That evening we ate an early dinner and went to bed at 9:30 with the intention to set off early.

We started our ascent of Adam’s Peak at 2:30 am and by 5 am we had climbed all the grueling 5500 irregular steps of the path and had perched ourselves in a little corner awaiting sunrise. It’s amazing to see so many people collect on the top of a sacred mountain to watch a sunrise. While we were there we unintentionally (but happily) caught the mysterious shadow of the mountain, which appears like a triangle, contrary to the organic shape of the Peak.

And most surprisingly we discovered we’re fitter than we thought! We literally skipped back down the steps to have breakfast and fall into bed. Nothing is quite like waking up to a sundrenched room and the sound of water gushing by. We didn’t leave Delhouse like most tourists that same day; we stayed by the river for 3 whole days. It was too tranquil not to enjoy this moment for ourselves.

Adam's Peak

Adam's Peak Temple

Adam's Peak Shadow

Adam's Peak

Adam's Peak

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